Summer Happenings


It has been a while since the NIA posse came together after a successful winter and spring   calendar full of events, walks and workshops. That’s not to say we haven’t been busy.

Steph has installed her mighty public art piece ‘With Passing Ships’ commissioned by Pill Regeneration Scheme and in collaboration with Nick Jones. There is a film of the whole project coming from the Bosch collective who documented the process from start to finish.


Gareth has continued to work on his Creative Wales research project and has been working with Theatre Versus Oppression, Punchdrunk and Hijinx. He had also been developing a new solo performance with the director Agnieszka Blonska.

Crocodile Head

Marega has been devising a performance jukebox with the choreographer and performer Jo Young that premiered in Newport Museum Art Gallery. The performance celebrated the art in the collection of the gallery and was developed with the support of National Theatre Wales. Marega also hosted the splendid Inviting The Neighbours Around To Paint that transformed the Project Space for a week.


Jo has spent this year immersed in training – she’s now been awarded her certification in the Beloved Photographic Technique, which looks deeper into the connections between photographer and subject. It’s been a busy time too launching her new children’s website alongside working with some local businesses to show off their talents and wares.


Gareth and Marega are heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August with their Newport inspired show SMASH IT UP. If you find yourself up that way do support the cause. Have a good summer and see you all soon.