We are a group of professional artists who came together through The Meeting. We work collaboratively with others to showcase the talent, space and diversity within and around Newport.  We provide a platform to express creativity and to share stories by broadcasting your ideas throughout the City and beyond.

The fundamental principal of NIA is to develop the need and sense of worth, for art and creative practice within the city of Newport, mainly through engaging the public in new and professionally presented ventures – public art installations, exhibitions, performance and sound.

With our different artistic disciplines, we aim to reach a wider range of the community through arts practice.
Through workshop activity, our aim is to find the creative voice from different community members and to incorporate these into a final piece of work. The process is of key importance to how this work will be created.
We believe that art has the power to not only change the environment that we live in, but that it can also help give people a voice and a feeling of empowerment.

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