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We are delighted to announce two very special guest speaker events in April to complete our Beneath The Surface season. Both will be at The Project Space and are highly recommended. Details below.

VALERIE COFFIN PRICE & PHILIP GROSS – 25th April 7.00 The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport. FREE Event

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Philip Gross’s poetry collection The Water Table won the T.S.Eliot Prize in 2009. Valerie Coffin Price is a Welsh artist-letterer, whose work responds creatively to the language of poetry and place. Together they in-fold past and present landscapes, in a subtle creative conversation with each other’s art and ways of seeing. The result is A Fold in the River, a stunning collection of poetry and original artwork. Philip Gross reads from the poems, and then opens out a discussion with Valerie Price about the different ways of seeing that artists and writers bring to the world.

BENSON WEREJE – 28th April 7.00PM The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport. FREE Event

BensonBenson Wereje is a Congolese refugee living primarily in the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda. He founded Coburwas a refugee club of orphans that has since developed into other refugee camps and is currently working in Congo to help the process of repatriation. Benson heads the organisation and continues to work selflessly to help transform the youth and provide quality education for refugees despite his own refugee status and the hardships of life he faces every day. A charismatic speaker and  performer Benson is in Wales to premier his solo show at Wales Millennium Centre in May. His story is inspiring and moving.


Film, Performance, Walks and Workshops – The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport

19 March – 7.30pm Jonny – A film by Massimo Salvato

20 March – 7.30pm Jonny – A film by Massimo Salvato

21 March – 7.30pm Jonny – A film by Massimo Salvato

22 March – 2.00pm Lost (and Found) Dino Rovaretti

24 March – 7.30pm Encounters and Conversations with Katherine

25 March – 10am Yoga with Marega

8.30pm Encounters and Conversations with Katherine

26 March – 7.30pm Encounters and Conversations with Katherine

27 March – 10am Yoga with Marega

7.30pm Encounters and Conversations with Katherine

28 March –  11am Yoga with Marega

7.30pm Encounters and Conversations with Katherine

Beneath The Surface is supported by Arts Council Wales, Newport City Council and The Project Space.

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Past Events

GUEST SPEAKER – 22nd November7.30 The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport. FREE

IMG_2282Marega Palser is a dancer and visual artist based in Newport. In 2013 she presented her show Sometimes We Look at the Fez International Dance Festival. She will discuss and demonstrate her process and the potential language difficulties of working abroad. Dino Rovaretti was born and raised in Newport and has just completed a BA in performance at Falmouth University. Dino talks about his first solo show and asks for your help in finding his childhood companion Super Ted.

This is the first event of a new programme of art led activity. Full schedule is below with walks, talks and workshops. There is some March activity that we hope to announce soon.

GUEST SPEAKER – 6th December 5pm Newport. Invite Only


NIA founding member Gareth Clark spent sometime in the summer training New Hope Theatre Group in Kyangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda. He talks about living and working on the camp and the incredible spirit of the people he met. This is an invite only event due to limited space.

GUEST SPEAKER – 23rd January 7.30 The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport. FREE

art-car-parades-09-004London based artist Carrie Reichardt is internationally renowned for her use of craft and art as protest. Her ‘Tiki Love Truck’ is currently on display at the V&A as part of the Disobedient Objects Exhibition. Introduced by Stephanie Roberts, who will also be talking about her work in Chile, this is an evening of spectacular colour, community and creative adventures.

PHOTOJOURNALISM WORKSHOP – 7th February 1-4pm The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport. 

mwr-5Jo Haycock is a documentary lifestyle photographer. She is running a photojournalism workshop to share a more engaging and emotional angle to help find that story to photograph.  This will be a workshop with lots of interaction and discussion, along with an opportunity to go out on a mini-assignment. Aimed at 16 years and over for a limited number, so booking is essential.

ARTIST WALK – 8TH February. A Midday meet at The Westgate Hotel, Newport.



Andy Podmore is a well known Newport artist, raconteur and thoroughly charming chap. As a member of the arts collective Bosch he is well known for his avant garde and compelling performance style. We can only assume that this will be no ordinary walk and hence not to be missed. Andy will be guiding us through the architecture of his Newport.


MAKING PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP – 14th February 1-4pm The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport. 

workshop-13A Valentines special – an exploration into the stories that lie with in with Gareth Clark. This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to explore the idea of making a performance that involves a little story telling and some physical activity. This  workshop is for adults only.


ARTIST WALK – a new date to be confirmed – a Midday meet at The Train Station, Newport.



Jez Hattosh-Nemeth returns to Newport for another NIA guided walk where the participants are asked to document the way. Using digital cameras, local anecdotes and a sense of adventure Jez will lead the group on a mini-urban adventure. Please meet promptly at midday.


MOVEMENT AND MARK MAKING WORKSHOP – 21st February 1-4pm The Project Space, 147 Commercial Road, Newport.  



Marega Palser is a dancer and an artists with a unique style. This drawing workshop aims to liberate your inner scribbler. The workshop will be looking at different ways in which to capture movement as well as following impulses that occur through the process. This will include writing, mapping with a bit of shape shifting thrown in for good measure.



ARTIST WALK – 21st February 7pm. Meet at The Murrenger, Newport



An evening walk with Tin Shed Theatre Company through the city of Newport can only be a pleasant, joyful experience… right? Join us for an evening of discovery, reconnection and fun with Newport’s brightest theatre company. We aim to meet at The Murrenger and this may not be the last pub we enter. This might be a late one.



ARTIST WALK – RAINED OFF new date soon. Meet at The Market, Newport



Locally born and bred artist Dino Rovaretti returns to his home City to lead this artist walk. Along the way he will discuss and divulge the stories that shaped him and also prompted him to move away. Be prepared for anything.



Beneath The Surface is supported by Arts Council Wales, Newport City Council and The Project Space.

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 Previous NIA events

GUEST SPEAKER – 19th February 7pm, Room A16 – Newport City Campus, Free 


Jez Hattosh-Nemeth is a multi-media interactive and mixed medium artist, performer and designer.  His present project, Coastline, is a 6440 mile journey circumnavigating the British coastline – he’s recently finished filming the entire Welsh coastline. Jez will discuss this ambitious project and the stories he uncovered along this physical border between land and sea.                           http://www.Coast-line.co.uk

ARTIST WALK – 22nd February 12pm, Newport Station – Transporter Bridge.

Our first guided walk of the year is lead by Jez Hattosh-Nemeth. Jez has walked and documented the entire Welsh Coastal path and he leads this walk through the city of Newport towards the iconic structure of the transporter bridge. However this is not just a walk there is certain amount of documentation required as Jez challenges the participants to record the journey. Please meet at Newport train station at 11.50am. 

GUEST SPEAKER – 4th March 7pm, Room A16 – Newport City Campus , Free 

Mayfest Image

Matthew Austin is one half of the producing partnership MAYK. He and Kate Yedigaroff have been working together for the last few years and are the Directors of Bristol’s contemporary theatre festival Mayfest. MAYK
also curates and commissions bespoke theatrical events for Bristol as well as producing and developing new work by artists they find inspiring. Join Matthew to hear about one of Bristols most interesting festivals. www.mayk.org.uk

ARTIST WALK – 15th March, 2pm – Ides of March Walk.

Steven George Jones is a well known local artist, musician, performer, curator, coordinator and merry prankster. He will lead our second walk to a place of significance with some performance elements and an opportunity for a little interaction with space, time and place. The walk will start at Gemelli’s Restaurant in Newport and Mr Jones will lead us down memory lane for a personal and insightful glimpse of his past, present and future. The experience will last approximately 2 hours and will take in one of Newport’s most iconic buildings.

GUEST SPEAKER – 19th April, 2pm – Upmarket Gallery, Newport, Free

imagesVetch Veg is a community Vegetable garden created in collaboration between residents of the Sandfields in Swansea and the artist Owen Griffiths. Together they created an urban utopia in the centre of the city on the historic ground of the Vetch football field. Owen will talk about this iconic project and CIVIC an exhibition about artists working with designers and architects to imagine a new vision for public space 

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